Creating the bigger picture of your financial security

We help to increase and protect your wealth through the following personalised solutions.

Investment and Wealth Management

We build personalised financial plans that help grow your wealth and increase your financial security locally and offshore, so you can reach your life goals. Flexible, innovative plans can be made up of unit trusts, endowments, retirement annuities, share portfolios and structured products.

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Retirement Planning

We’ll help you reach your goals for retirement, financial freedom and security. We start with the end in mind, analysing your financial and lifestyle needs you will have when retiring, and then create a tailored retirement savings plan to achieve your life plan goals.

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Lifestyle Protection

Our lifestyle protection plans offer security around life’s unforeseen risks by ensuring that your family, finances and business will have adequate protection. Lifestyle protection includes:

  • Life Cover: Life insurance that protects your family when you pass away
  • Disability Cover: Financial protection should you become disabled
  • Income Protection: Certainty of income if you are incapacitated and unable to work
  • Severe Illness Cover: Financial protection should you suffer from a dreaded disease
  • Education protection: Ensuring that your child’s education is paid for in the event of death, disability or severe illness

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Employee Benefits

Allow us to assist in ensuring that your employees have a secure retirement plan and protection against life’s risk including death, disability and severe illness. An effective employee benefits scheme will help retain your skilled employees.

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Medical Aid

More than ever this remains an essential part of both yours and your family’s financial security. We offer a wide range of health plans with private hospital cover and benefits to suit your current and future health needs.

We also offer gap cover to pay any shortfalls that you may experience over and above what your medical aid scheme pays for.

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Offshore Investment Planning

Navigating the world of offshore investments can be a complex task. Maystone Wealth has a turnkey solution for direct international investment opportunities.

Our solutions include a wide array of investment choices across multiple assets classes and foreign currencies that can be structured to provide tax efficiencies and estate planning benefits, coupled with high levels of liquidity and consolidated reporting.

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