Employee Benefits

Future security for your employees – and your business

As a business owner, we believe you have a responsibility to empower your employees to have a safe, secure future and retirement. The advantage of a strong employee benefit solution isn’t just for your employees, it also helps your company attract and retain the best talent.

We’ll spend time understanding your business, your employees and your finances, to provide informed advice on the best way to structure a solution for your company.

How we can help create a company employee benefit solution

Group Risk Cover
While you cannot prevent unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances from happening to your employees, you can ease the financial burden on them, their family and your business, by developing a strong protection plan that can made up of:

  • Group life cover
  • Capital disability and/or income disability
  • Severe illness
  • Funeral cover
  • Retirement contribution waivers
  • Education protection
Retirement Funding
We can help you ensure that your employees are invested in a registered pension, provident fund or corporate retirement plan, giving them the chance to continue to reach their life goals when they’re no longer working.